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Expert Bid Writing

Exceptional bid writing along with considered response design results in higher evaluation scores and increases your chances of winning.

Bidology’s Quality framework underpins our engagement process and our approach to writing compliant, high-quality responses. It ensures your tender submission:

  • Is customer-focussed
  • Includes key messages
  • Links to your customer’s organisational goals and aligns your offering to their business needs.

From initial enquiry, right through to response delivery, our way of working allows us to ensure the highest quality tender response.

Quote – We review your tender documentation and provide a fixed-price quote based on the level of support required and complexity of the response.

Understand – Having thoroughly read the tender requirements, we research your customer to understand their values and organisational goals. Then, through a series of telephone interviews, we build a picture of your solution and work with you to storyboard answers and develop competitive messages that will make your bid stand out from the competition.

Answer –Using Shipley methodology, we write answers that clearly articulate key messages and win themes.

Link and align – We use the information from storyboards and research to link your solution with your customer’s vision and align key messages with their organisational needs.

Improve - Our tried and tested assessment tool ensures optimum bid quality. It challenges the key elements of your response that, if not right, could be the difference between winning or losing out on that all-important contract.

Template design and final checks – We design a template that reflects your branding, proofread, format and complete final compliance checks.

Your approval – On completion, we send the response to you for approval and submission.

We have over seventeen years’ experience in responding to:

  • Prequalification Questionnaires (PQQs) – PQQs precede ITTs and are used by procurers to shortlist suppliers to invite to tender.
  • Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) – a formal document issued to organisations inviting them to tender. The ITT details project / service requirements and evaluation guidelines.
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) – used by procurers to gauge interest in tendering. EOIs typically request information that demonstrates the respondent’s ability to perform a contract
  • Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) – a procurement tool used by Public Sector. Although DPS has similarities to electronic framework agreements, suppliers can apply to join at any time.

Quality Reviews

Already have a completed response and need an independent quality review?

Using our tried and tested quality assessment tool, we look at the key elements of your proposal that, if not right, could be the difference between winning or losing out on that all-important contract:

  • Have you answered the customer’s questions?
  • Is your response customer-focussed?
  • Is your response too complex?
  • Have you optimised opportunities to evidence your claims using case studies and customer testimonials?
  • Is your response compliant?
  • Check spelling, grammar and consistency

We mark-up your response using track changes, commenting on the areas that scored the lowest, and work with you to improve.

Bid Library

PQQs, ITQs and RFIs often request the same general company information time and time again and repetitively writing these answers from scratch hinders productivity - wouldn’t it be great to have up-to-date company information at the click of button?

A library of re-usable collateral saves bid production time, improves consistency and allows you to focus on the answers that will really make a difference to winning.

We create engaging, quality reviewed, library content with clear, competitive messages.


Once you have a completed response, we will make sure it is the best it can be by focussing on:

  • Persuasive writing using active sentences
  • Choosing the correct words
  • Avoiding clichés
  • Customer-focus
  • Grammar
  • Spelling

Tailored Solution

Our flexible approach means we can provide as little or as much help as you need. It is your choice. Simply select the elements of our bid writing service that are right for you and we can come on board at any point in the bid cycle to help out.

Case Studies

Including relevant case studies in your tender response, provides evidence of your key strengths and demonstrates your capability, sector presence and experience.

As a starting point, we recommend having at least two case studies in your bid library for each of your service offerings and each sector your deliver to.

Tender Search

Are you struggling to find the right tender opportunities? We will work with you to understand your organisation and offerings and use a range of available resources to find the most recent, relevant tender opportunities for your organisation.