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Welcome toBidology

At Bidology, we are passionate about helping SMEs win business and grow, by working with them to submit high-quality tender responses. For smaller companies, navigating the world of responding to Private and Public sector tenders can be daunting. Understanding the bid process and writing compliant, compelling text takes skill, knowledge and experience.

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Bidology are experts in writing winning bids and specialise in responding to:

Prequalification Questionnaires (PQQs) – PQQs precede ITTs and are used by procurers to shortlist suppliers to invite to tender.

Invitation to Tenders (ITTs) – a formal document issued to organisations inviting them to tender. The ITT details project / service requirements and evaluation guidelines.

Expression of Interest (EOI) – used by procurers to gauge interest in tendering. EOIs typically request information that demonstrates the respondent’s ability to perform a contract

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) – a procurement tool used by Public Sector. Although DPS has similarities to electronic framework agreements, suppliers can apply to join at any time.

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As the founder of Bidology, I am proud of what we stand for and what we have achieved. At Bidology, our mission is to help our customers win business and grow. This is when we are at our best and it is why we work hard to pursue excellence and deliver exceptional quality in everything we do.

Emma Smallwood

What is bid quality?

When it comes to submitting a winning response, bid quality is essential for success.

  • Is your response compliant?
  • Have you answered every question?
  • Is your response customer-focussed?
  • Have you evidenced your claims and showcased your achievements using case studies and customer testimonials?
  • Does response design enhance key messages and assist readability?
  • Are your win themes clear?
  • Is your response written in one voice?
  • Have you proofread your response checking for spelling, grammar and consistency?

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, your tender response will be easier for evaluators to assess, it will have an improved chance of a higher evaluation score and, ultimately, winning.


Over seventeen years’ experience in responding to tenders

Our wealth of experience means we know how to avoid common pitfalls when responding to tenders.

Bidology’s Quality Framework

Our Quality framework underpins our approach to writing compliant, high-quality responses, resulting in higher evaluation scores, increasing your chances of winning.

We never miss a deadline

When it comes to delivering on time, we have a 100% success rate.

Stand out from the competition

We are passionate about bid quality, from document presentation to content.

Tailored solutions to suit your needs

Build your own bid writing package for a cost-effective, flexible solution.

Writing to win

Over the last ten years our professional bid writers have supported more than £1billion of winning bids with a win rate of +75%.

A simple engagement process underpinned by a winning Quality framework

Our simple engagement process, supported by Bidology’s Quality framework, results in higher evaluation scores and increases your chances of winning.

Working seamlessly across a variety of industries

We cover a variety of industries, including:
Education and Training, Healthcare, Recruitment, Cleaning, Hospitality, Environmental, Finance, Food, Construction, Information Technology, Security.

Public Sector experience

Our experience has helped our customers enter dynamic purchasing systems and framework agreements.

Helping SMEs succeed

Our scalable approach means that we can apply our winning bid writing process to organisations of all sizes.

Bidology was founded by Emma Smallwood in 2017. For sixteen years, Emma worked as a Proposal Manager for a Global IT company where she trained in Shipley best-practice, writing winning proposals and winning business. She has managed over two hundred winning proposals valued between £25,000 to £350m across a variety of industries, such as Finance, Retail, Hospitality, IT and Public Sector and she is a member of APMP (Association of Proposal Management Professionals).

Bidology was founded from her desire to share her knowledge and deep expertise with SMEs to help them grow, by working together with them to create high-quality, winning bids and build relationships that last.

Our flexible approach means we can provide as little or as much help as you need, whether it be a one-off quality review or taking your tender response from bid/no bid decision through to submission.

We also have a team of talented associate bid writers on hand who have been trained in Shipley best practice, work to our proven processes and understand our mission.

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